Lion DiskMaker 3b3 available !

On October 17, 2013, in Beta, Lion Diskmaker, Update status, by Guillaume Gète

“Bread and butter. Now you’re talking.”

LDM 3 Beta 3 is available. And it seems… quite good! However, there are some quite big changes compared to beta 2. You can download it here .

The first one, and more prevalent, is that LDM now uses the Apple provided tool to build the disk for Mavericks. This implies that you have to authentify once as an admin account to be able to build a Mavericks disk, as this tool requires root access. I would have prefered to stay in a user domain, but it was not possible to get some files from the OS directly using the old method and the process risked to be less reliable. This is true only for Mavericks, 10.7 and 10.8 are not affected.

Among other changes:

– LDM will warn you at startup if a new version is available. FUN.

– It will also warn you if a newer version of OS X is available. Newer than the one you are running, in fact. However this is quite messed up as it does not take into account the version of OS X you will use to build the disk later. I’m working on it to make it a bit smarter :)

– You don’t have to put the Install OS X Mavericks app in /Applications anymore. Avoid though to put it in disks/folders with exotic names (especially, using quotation marks or quotes may make Lion DiskMaker bite you. Hard.).

– Lion DiskMaker will now detect if a connected disk was already built using Lion DiskMaker, and therefore propose to replace it with the new OS you chose, avoiding to choose the disk manually. Nifty (I suppose).

– 10.7 and 10.8 are now both officially supported. So LDM  will work with the three major OS released since 2011!

– Removed all references to DVD support in LDM. DVD is sooooooooooo 2000.

–  Be aware that single DMG support (without the app) won’t be there for Mavericks, and that’s sealed. The way Lion DiskMaker works now requires to have the full OS  X Mavericks Install app.

According that there is no major bug in this beta, the next one will concentrate on cleaning the code, localization and… oh, something very important. But I can’t talk about it right now. Do you guess what it could be ? :)



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