Woooooops. DiskMaker X's web site is down.

Due to some unplanned success (thanks LifeHacker and Ars Technica ;-) ), it seems the web site got down temporarily. I'm working to fix this ASAP.

Meanwhile, you can get the latest version, DiskMaker X 4b4, on one of multiple mirrors :

Download Mirror by @film_girl
 Download Mirror by @pixelgrinch
Download Mirror by @twoseat

Nice how to on Pixel Grinch's blog

MD5 Checksum : d0d278f127debc4c6d5a12a1876b4189

Donations to pay a decent web site are much appreciated :)

Bitcoins are another way to show your support. My Walled ID : 1MWczgZ5Q9MayPt4DR9vCFTwz74686AkV4

Thanks for your patience :-)